Our Story

The design, aesthetics and the brand of Hotel Xanadu was inspired by the City of Xanadu, built around the summer residence of Kubla Khan; one of the great emperors of China.

Immortalised by the poem of S.T. Coleridge, founder of the English Romantic Movement, the Hotel Xanadu brand draws inspiration from the summer palace retreat of the Mongol ruler and emperor of China.

This is the place visited by Marco Polo and was his adopted home for 26 years.

Xanadu was an exotic, sensuous haven that forms a Romantic influence for our hotel. Coleridge hails from an era when travel was a true adventure, so in homage to this great poet the d├ęcor of Hotel Xanadu reflects a feel influenced from distant lands and blends chic modernity with havens of serenity.

Combining historical inspiration with new modern design, as well as an unrivalled quality of service and amenities, Hotel Xanadu forms an unforgettable boutique hotel experience for our guests.